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15 Minute Payday Loan in Aurora, IL – Three Month 500

15 Minute Payday Loan in Aurora, IL – Three Month 500 –> I admit that I am desperate here and need 500 quick, like today, but I have talked to some people at the pawn shops in this neighborhood in Aurora, IL and they are friggin scam artists looking to take me for everything.

I only need 500 but these SOBs want to gouge me for an extra hundred and twenty for that. That’s highway robbery!

So here is what I need. I need a 15 minute payday loan that I can pay back in three monthly installments. I need 500 today, but I’m not going to pay more than 25% interest on this so if you’re just looking to rob me blind like these other aholes, then stay away. My name is J. Rice and I will have my phone with me all day. Let’s do this quick. I work as a pipe fitter and get paid on the first and fifteenth of every month and can start installments on my next check.

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