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60 Day Bad Credit Loan in Dallas, Texas – No Checking $700

60 Day Bad Credit Loan in Dallas, Texas – No Checking $700 ->> My credit is shot because of a divorce and along with everything else she took from me, my ex left me with only bills. To get up to speed enough that I can go to work without getting harassed by collectors, I need to get $700 on a 60 day bad credit loan. I don’t have a checking account though (she took that too) and I am living in my van in the far parking lot of my workplace in Dallas, Texas where I work as a probation officer. I need to get my life back in order and to do that, I need to get rid of these creditors and get back in line on my payments and get a place to live. Getting these guys off my back and (finally) having a paycheck to myself is only $700 away. Can you do something to help here?

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