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Bad Credit Signature Loan in Dallas, Texas – Good Companies $900

Bad Credit Signature Loan in Dallas, Texas – Good Companies $900 ->> Hey are you in Dallas, Texas and can you help me with a bad credit signature loan?

I need to only work with good companies and I need $900 as fast as I can get it. It’s a pretty simple proposition.

I just need to get some cash so I can invest in a little product and then cut it to make it more bulky so I can resell it at a great profit.

I’ll have all of this done in like two weeks, so this $900 loan isn’t for long. I’ve done this before and it works every time if nobody narcs.

Editor’s Notes: Ok. This is THE craziest loan pre-application we have every had on any of our sites. We published this simply because most readers would find to be the wackiest loan request they have ever heard of. I still think it was a prank. We don’t know if this applicant was a serious broker, or whether he was just filling out the form for the fun of it.

The idea that he would want to borrow money from a lender so that he can buy some “questionable” product, split it up and turn a profit, leaves the obvious conclusion in our minds. Needless to say, there was no full loan application filled out, and there was no loan approved or funded.

However, if you are SERIOUS about getting approved for a personal loan, regardless of a possible poor credit score, then you apply using the two large links at the top of the page. To borrow $1000 or $900 cash, regardless of your FICO or Teletrack record, your approval will depend on your job status.

If you have really bad credit, you will be looking at a very high effective APR. Usually the maximum APR at 30%. This is because your bad credit score will make you a high-risk customer in the eyes of all lenders in the marketplace. As a matter of reality, the lenders that take the highest risk customers know out of the gate that they have a 25%-30% default rate. This is why lenders charge such a high APR – they have to make up for their losses. Sometimes their default rates spike even higher than 35%!

High risk lenders, that charge the highest APRs, are extermely commonplace throughout Texas, and mostly in Dallas and Houston. Dallas is saturated with more PDL companies than most major cities across the United States. [LL Cite] [Time-Stamp Sept 21, 2011]

Disclaimer: The views expressed by this author don't necessarily reflect the opinions of, it's owners, or it's affliates.

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