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Christian Debt Consolidation Loans

Christian debt consolidation loans are in great demand as faith-based borrowers attempt to pay down their debts through some form of debt servicing loan. Just like all people of faith, that belong to a religious community, Christians usually prefer to do business with like-minded and “like-praying” people. Nothing wrong with a form of religious nepotism right?

Right. Anyway, we have a index of Christian lending products included later in this piece.However, when it comes to bad debt consolidation you need to remember how you got in the position your in, and how you can get out of debt. Too many times we spend money that we’d really don’t have, and I know it’s an old story, but it is one that bears repeating especially in today’s economy.

In 2009 we are expecting to see Americans fall even further into debt and they have been in the past 20 years, which is extremely troublesome due to the fact that most United States citizens (and yes, this includes Christians) were deep in debt already.

You may be lucky and your total debt is not completely out of hand, in which case you can clean up your debt with a loan for say $5,000 dollars. You really must get your act together and write down all your information on a piece of paper and make a list of each kind of debt you have, how much you pay per month on each debt and then make a note the side each debt for how much you owe, and the creditor you owe it to. Writing a down like this is an invaluable exercise which can only enhance your understanding of your true financial situation.

christiandebtconsolidationYou can try speaking with conventional lenders or you can try speaking with so-called Christian banks or lenders. You can choose the online option or you can choose to go to your local storefront banks, or even better ask around that your church and see if is anybody in your congregation that happens to be in the banking industry. This way you know you will be dealing with another Christian and possibly get treated with a little bit more respect.

It is advisable to take all your debt and will put into one large payment and get yourself a consolidation loan as soon as possible so you can start to clean up your personal financing mess. Your first step is to simply consolidate all of your bad high interest debts and make your one monthly payment to slowly bring it down, and hopefully you will get an interest rate that is much lower than the interest rates you are paying on your credit cards and such.

If for some reason you can pay off all of your debts with a simple consolidation loan and you keep spending money that you really can afford to spend, you’re certainly going to be heading towards the big disaster or perhaps a debt settlement whereby you get your credit rating hammered and you negotiate with your creditors to pay back only pennies on the dollar.

Of course if you have a personal relationship with one of your Christian friends who happens to be a banker at a local Credit Union you might be held to get a considerably lower interest rate and save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars over the term of your a consolidation loan.

The incestuous practice of faith-based business is an old old reality. Most families who are devout followers of Christianity will look for ways to do business with like-minded fellow Christians.

This means even if you go down to the gas station and fill up your tank you want to consider finding a service station that is owned and operated by Christians. The same approach goes here for consolidation loans, and I really can’t put a much simpler the that. One more thing you may want to consider and that is getting a Christian installment loan instead of a short-term loan. Less interest and fees that way and it’s over a longer period of time.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by this author don't necessarily reflect the opinions of, it's owners, or it's affliates.

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