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Direct Payday Loan in Muncie, Indiana – Requesting $500

Direct Payday Loan in Muncie, Indiana – Requesting $500 –> This is going to sound odd because it’s a weird story, but hear me out and see if you can help me. I am request $500 on a direct payday loan and need it in cash here in Muncie, Indiana. My boss is a contractor with the railroad and sent me out here from St. Cloud, Minn to do some work. Well, I’ve been here for a week and am done, but don’t have a way to get home. My boss had a stroke yesterday and nobody knows how to get any money to make payroll or send me anything to get home. So I’m stuck unless I can find a way out. I have a job, obviously, and make pretty good money and my boss owes me this anyway, so as soon as he can communicate with people to get the legal whatever done, I can pay you back. I just need to get home. -C. Owens

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