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Guaranteed Payday Loan in Bessemer, Alabama – Wanting $2,500

Guaranteed Payday Loan in Bessemer, Alabama – Wanting 2,500 — I only need 2,500 for a loan to help get to pay day. My name is D. Moore and I can give you whatever you need in terms of information to fill out the loan application.

I work at the local donut shop in Bessemer and we get paid on Fridays so I can make my first payment on Friday night if that is ok with you. I have never taken out a payday loan before and don’t know how much these things cost or how often I need to make payments.

I would not normally apply for a loan, but we are going to the track tonight and I got a sure thing on one of the horses in the 5th race, a sure thing, so I will be able to repay the loan even before pay day. All I need is some seed capital so I can bet on the horse in the 5th race. If you can give me a good deal, I might even cut you in on the deal and you can make some money on the side as well.

What do you think? Can I drop by and pick up the money in a couple of hours? The races start at seven! We might even bet on a couple of the other races as well just for fun!

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