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Guaranteed Payday Loan in Dothan, AL – Needing $2,000

Guaranteed Payday Loan in Dothan, AL – Needing $2000 — I work as a bookbinder and my name is A. Rodgers. I need a small loan, just until I get paid next week. We are heading off to Vegas on the weekend and I thought it would be nice to have a small stake for the poker game I am going to enter. The buy in is a 1000 and then I figured that if my luck does not hold, I can re-buy for another 1000. These guys are a bunch of suckers and I always make money when I go to Vegas and enter the poker games.

I like playing Texas Holdem, but sometimes I will play the slots as well. You never know how your luck is going to be so it is good to try different games. We leave on Friday morning, so I would like to get this loan no later than Thursday night.

What do you think, are you good for a little $2000 stake?

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