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Hard Money Business Loan in Dothan, Alabama – For $70,000

Hard Money Business Loan in Dothan, Alabama – For 70000 — I go by the name of P. Jones and I am currently living in Dotham, Alabama until I can get established in a nice town. I was convicted of larceny by a bad judge and a bad lawyer who framed me, however I am out of jail now and want to set my life on the right path instead of going back to my larceny ways.

This loan will help me get established and even start a business repairing bicycles, motorcycles and any kind of bike that needs repair. At this point I do not even have a place to stay so I will be sleeping in my new shop to save money and provide round the clock security. All I need to get started is for you to approve this hard money business loan and then I will be able to make all of the purchases I need in terms of tools and personal needs. I will keep the personal stuff to a small amount since you probably do not want to loan money for personal stuff.

Let me know when I can drop by to pick up the cash.

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