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No Credit Check Payday Loan in Carmel, Indiana – Requiring $200

No Credit Check Payday Loan in Carmel, Indiana – Requiring $200 –> This is total Fing bulls* I swear to God. My ex-boyfriend came to my house the other day while I was out on a date with his former best friend Johnny and he trashed the place. Now my landlord refuses to replace the broken window that the a-hole made in the trailer and says I have to fix it myself and if I don’t he will throw me out next week because I’m a “nuisance” in the trailer park. Funny because when the rent time comes around and I give him something extra, he doesn’t seem to think that’s a nuisance. Hypocrite S.O.B. So I need $200 to fix that window so I don’t get tossed out of my trailer and have nowhere else to go. Can I get a no credit check payday loan here in Carmel, Indiana? We can do it from my paycheck down at the club where I dance four nights a week or maybe work out something special to cover it. –F. Florez

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