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Quick Payday Cash Advance in Memphis, TN – I Need $300

Quick Payday Cash Advance in Memphis, TN – I Need $300 –> My name is U. Dexter and I am in Memphis, TN. I need $300 on a quick payday cash advance because I want to get married and I need a ring so I can propose to my best girl. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me and in the two weeks we’ve been together, my life has been nothing but roses. I don’t have any money until next week when I get paid at the plant, but I’d like to get this three hundred now because a friend of mine works at a pawn shop up the street and he just got this great ring from some old lady and can hold it for me until the end of the day when he has to write it up. I have to buy it today, though, otherwise it will go on the shelf and get sold quick. So I need this loan so I can get that ring and propose to the love of my live, Sharice. Help me make my dream come true!

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