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Secured Personal Loan in Beaufort, South Carolina Applying For $3000

Secured Personal Loan in Beaufort, South Carolina Applying For $3000 – My name is S. Perkins and I run a little five and dime store here in Beaufort. It is really not a five and dime store, you cannot get much for a dime these days, but this store is over 100 years old and that is why we still call it a five and dime store. We do have a few items that sell for a dime for nostalgic reasons.

I have a chance to pick up some goods from another store that is going out of business for $3,000. The products are worth about ten times this amount and I expect to make a really good profit on this purchase. I just do not have the ready cash at the moment or I would have made the purchase already.

The loan can be secured by either the product I am buying or my store and I expect that the terms you give should be quite good, given that it is secured and the products I am purchasing will provide a guaranteed profit for me.

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