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Signature Loan in Las Vegas NV for 5000

My name is Jugdeep and I need a loan for $5000 approved. I have a damaged credit rating that makes getting approved very difficult.

I’m at the verge of almost giving up on trying to get a loan here in my home town of Vegas.

I need this to be a signature loan so that I don’t have to provide any kind of security or collateral on the note.

This is a relatively small loan for 5K so I can pay it off in one year.

I work for a car rental agency at the Vegas Airport and it’s a full time gig, so I can prove my employment with the required pay stub(s). I have to get this through ASAP please, so get back to me as soon as you can.

I have to get on this right away. Thank you in advance to the loan officers.

This applicant ended up getting approved for credit card through the Bank of America that had a credit limit of $3000, the other $2000 was covered with his overdraft, and some overtime he worked. In the end he will have to pay it back, and usual way to do that is by selling some kind of asset off, working more hours, getting a raise, getting a bonus, a higher paying job, winning some money, or having a windfall in the stock market. Whatever way he decides to get the money to pay off this credit, it has to be looked after. [LL][Timestamp August 21, 2011]

Note from editor: The borrower here has a fairly large DTI (debt to income ratio) to deal with, so an increase in his monthly income is recommended.

Note On Signature Loans

The term signature loan has been misused for over a decade now due the proliferation of high cost lenders and their online advertising campaigns. The definition of a signature loan, in laymen terms, is a note provided to a borrower without security in any form. A loan that is approved with no collateral at all. This kind of loan is rarely a reality, and when this kind of lending agreement takes place, it’s always private money. Most PDL companies boast their approval of signature loans, but in reality the borrower has to provide security in the form of a post dated check, which is cashed within 1-4 weeks typically.

When borrowers apply for so-called signature loans, they are almost always applying for a cash advance rendering APR in the 200% to 600% range. True and real signature loans usually take place between two parties that have already done business in the past, and the borrower has a very high standing in financial circles. Signature loans are not actually a common consumer financial product. [SLL][Timestamp Sept 3, 2011]

Disclaimer: The views expressed by this author don't necessarily reflect the opinions of, it's owners, or it's affliates.

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