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Unsecured Bad Credit Loan – 3 Year in Albemarle, NC Want $25,000 – My name is E. Hunter and I am looking for a rather large loan to pay for some work we want to get done around the house. I do not have anything I can offer as security. The mortgage on the house is about the same as the value of the house, so nothing there to offer. I have a car, but there is also a loan on the car. I am paying all of my monthly payments now, however a year ago I lost my job and my credit rating went into the tank.

I am working now as a training and development manager at a local hi-tech company. The job is going well and unless the economy takes another downturn should be there for awhile. We want to spend this money on the house to improve the value of the home so it can sell at a better price. We will pay off the loan with the proceeds from the house.

I know all of this might be a concern to someone lending money, however you can be assured that we will pay off this loan. Please approve this loan.

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