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Unsecured Bad Credit Loan in Houston, Texas – Instant Approval $800

Unsecured Bad Credit Loan in Houston, Texas – Instant Approval $800 ->> I am in the Houston, Texas area and need an unsecured bad credit loan with instant approval for $800 right away.

I am F. Mathis and I can pay the loan back next month when my first royalty check comes in after my new book starts selling this week. It’s going to be a big one because this guy I met on an online business forum is a real marketing guru and he’s going to start promoting it this week.

I think this book I wrote, which is a full 20 pages about how to feed tropical fish (one of my hobbies) with store bought food is definitely in a great niche that will have some awesome SEO and return numbers and stuff. I mean, turnover in this market is awesome and the sales page the guy wrote up is like 7,000 words.

Lender’s Notes: This applicant was approved as requested, reason for loan request not withstanding.

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