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Unsecured Business Loan in Asheville, North Carolina Needing $20,000

Unsecured Business Loan in Asheville, North Carolina Needing $20,000 – My name is N. Washington and I am looking for a small unsecured loan. We have a number of assets we could offer for security, however we are not familiar with the advantages of a secured loan vs. an unsecured loan.

We sell tool grinding equipment to tool grinders and their companies. Occasionally we must purchase equipment on spec so that we can demonstrate how a new device will work and this is one of those situations. We have several potential sales and feel that it would help our sales significantly if we had a machine on site to demonstrate to our customers. When this machine is not being used for demonstrations, we will make it available on a daily basis only for custom work that is needed by some of our customers.

We are available to review the specs of the equipment as well as our business success over the past few years. Please advise when it would be a good time to get together to discuss this loan.

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